Four Approaches to Use When Hunting for Help in PhD Thesis Proposal

Writing your PhD thesis proposal is a daunting task by itself. However, when you do not find a feasible method of doing so, it can be an even more daunting task when working with no direction. Your supervisor might have set the deadline for submission of the thesis proposal, but you have no idea when to expect the results.

You might begin to wonder what your options are. And if you have no idea which method to use to write the proposal, how do you even begin? Fortunately, you do not have to struggle with your thesis proposal submission because we have your back. This article covers the four methods students can use to write their proposal documents accordingly.

Formal Written Format

If you have been assigned a thesis proposal to cover, you must know the correct way of writing it. The formal written format is often the most common in all institutions, and it is often used for projects under the Ph.D. level. Its design includes a title page, abstract, and introduction. These three elements form the basic components of a thesis proposal, and their arrangement is crucial in ensuring your document is readable and appealing.

However, most students make a mistake when using this format because they forget about the reference and introduction sections. These three sections are crucial in ensuring that your proposal is informative and meets the standards expected by your supervisor. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to write these sections so that you will not lose marks because of a late submission.

Internet-Based Submission Methods

You might think that since you do not have a title page or an abstract, you can use the internet to write the proposal. However, this method is not recommended for master’s students because it does not meet the expected standard of quality and substance. It is more beneficial to submit your proposal via a web-based platform because it allows you to use modern tools to handle the task.

Some of these methods of submitting your thesis proposal include:

  • Uploading your proposal on a secure website.
  • Using a browser extension to provide input
  • Using an online tool to edit and proofread your proposal.

It is crucial to ensure that the tools you use for editing are free of malware and do not pose a risk to your computer. Additionally, you must be cautious about the country or region where you are operating from.

Since submitting your proposal through the internet is not recommended for you as a master’s student, you might opt to use the second option, which involves sending in your proposal through email. Although this method is also easy to fall for, read the fine prints and ensure the method you decide to use can guarantee you timely delivery of the proposal. After all, you do not want to submit it after the deadline and be penalized for late delivery.