What is the critical comment?

The critical commentary is an oral or written presentation where one must deepen a reflection from a quote, an excerpt or a complete work.

The exercise of the comment is to raise a question emanating from the work and discuss the value of the arguments as well as the scope of the author’s thought.

A critical commentary includes an objective part, which reflects an author’s thought on a specific question, and a subjective part, which reveals a personal reflection on the author’s argument and arguments.

Objective part

To comment on a text, it must first be analyzed, that is to say, to identify the thesis and the main arguments. When commenting on a quotation, it must be explained by attaching it to the theory from which it arises. It is also necessary to account as objectively as possible for most of the author’s thought about the problem.

Subjective part

  • Take a stand in relation to the author’s comments in order to propose a personal reading.
  • Discuss the overall value of the argumentation (credibility and relevance) and the implications for thought and action.


To criticize a text, you must:

  • fully understand the author’s ideas;
  • ask specific questions about the value of the author’s thesis and arguments and compare them to other points of view.