How to write research paper?

Research work is a rigorous intellectual activity that uses information from a variety of sources to deepen one’s knowledge of a specific topic in a given discipline and to communicate it in a logical, consistent, and standards-based manner.

The research work can take various forms: it can be a press kit, a literature search, a factual analysis, a dissertation, etc.

But where to start? First, think about what you will do and write. The writing must be preceded by an analysis, documentation and organization work. Here is a step, in five steps, that will allow you to proceed methodically.

The identification of the subject

Depending on whether you are being asked about your job or whether you have a choice, the problem is different. It is important, however, in both cases, to delimit your subject. The following indications take both of these possibilities into account.


In this case, you must make sure you understand the subject and the nature of the work required.

You must first read the subject’s statement carefully and analyze it. This will allow you to identify the key elements around which your work can eventually be built.

To neglect this step is to risk missing out on your subject.

As for the nature of the work, it may be to prove, to demonstrate, to describe a situation, to collect facts, to answer a question, to trace the evolution of a phenomenon or a current of thought. or discuss the value of an idea. Depending on the nature of the work, the procedure will vary.


In this case, you will need to consider several factors:

  1. Your personal interest
  2. Since you have the opportunity, as much put energy on a topic that interests you!
  3. The relevance of the subject in relation to the nature of the work requested
  4. In giving you this work, your teacher pursues a goal. You must take this into account when choosing the subject of your work.

The difficulty of the subject

Between two topics of equal interest, choose the one that you think is best to master.

Available documentation

Make sure that the documentation for your subject is sufficient and easily accessible, otherwise it is best to change the subject.

Time available

The scale of the research must indeed take into account the time factor: time granted by the teacher, time that you really have, time needed to produce a quality research. The search will be restricted or exhaustive.

The purpose of your work

Do you intend to inform (describe a situation, trace a story …)? Do you want to explain (analyze a phenomenon …)? Do you wish to demonstrate a thesis? It is essential to clearly specify the nature of your work.

Inventory the whole research question by asking the following questions:


Which groups in particular are affected by my question? For example, women, the elderly, small businesses, etc.


What are the aspects that interest me? What are the components of the question?


What period is it? Does the subject belong to a specific period?


What is the geographical context? To a specific country?


What points of view or approaches should be considered: historical, cultural, sociological, economic, political?


What is the meaning or importance of the subject? What are the implications? Why should we care?